Love is in the air - 1st February 2017

Valentines Day is just around the corner.

With a great selection of jewellery available you can't go wrong this year. Buy the gift you know they'll love and show them how much you really care.

Got an idea of your own? Want a piece customised? Not a problem, get in touch with your ideas and lets create a one of a kind piece for that extra special gift.

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Lucy Ashton Jewellery will be at London Fashion Week - 9th September 2016

Lucy Ashton will be showcasing at The Grooming Room for London Fashion Week.

Private lounge for press, buyers, industry VIPs, celebrities and bloggers to relax, hang out and get pampered in, featuring:

Hairstyling, manicures, mini makeovers, skin treatments, eyebrow mapping, aromatherapy, facial grooming and beard styling, jewellery, fashion, accessories, DJs, cocktail hours and expert talks.

Parters include Hoxton Radio, SASSOON, Cadenzza, Mihaela Markovic, The Great British Grooming Co., Browtician, FernSkinClinic, Scentered, FASHCAST, DIARYdirectory, The Media Eye, Hera Moments, Lucy Ashton, The Fashion Debates and more.

Lucy Ashton Jewellery now available from Sylvie Saliba - 4th August 2016

Sylvie Saliba is the first International stockist for Lucy Ashton Jewellery, Lebanon, Beirut.

Sylvie Saliba is a stockist for worldwide luxury brands, stocking alongside brands such as Anissa Kermiche, H. Stern, Colette, Pristine, and Stephen Webster.

The stores address is Sylvie Saliba, Avenue Charles Malek, Quantum Towers, Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon.

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Gift Vouchers Now Available - 6th July 2016

Gift vouchers are now available to purchase to use online.

Trying to find the perfect gift but struggling to make a decision? Then buying a Lucy Ashton Jewellery Gift Voucher is the answer.

With a range of stunning accessories, the Lucy Ashton Gift Voucher is a simple yet thoughtful gift that will match any moment.

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New Collection Chains now online - 17th June 2016

The wait is finally over! Lucy Ashton’s latest collection ‘Chains’ is now online.

’Chains’ is an extension from her first collection ‘Armour’ taking the signature filigree designs but creating more delicate jewellery all connected by chains.

Being open for nearly a year Lucy Ashton has learnt a lot from her first collection, taking on feedback to create a more affordable range by designing convertible jewellery to give your more value for your money.

Bring some magic to your jewellery collection.

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Wolf & Badger - 22nd March 2016

Lucy Ashton Jewellery is now being stocked by brand Wolf & Badger.

In March 2016 Lucy Ashton Jewellery got to join the brand that supports independent fashion and design brands from around the world .

With stores now in Mayfair, Notting Hill and online, Wolf & Badger is the essential destination to Discover New Designers!

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Magical Silver Jewellery For Any Season - 29th February 2016

Many jewellery lovers prefer silver to gold, as no matter what you’re wearing, it brings a touch of class and sophistication to proceedings.

At Lucy Ashton our online shop sell exceptionally beautiful silver jewellery, ideal for special events or simply when you want to look stunningly unique. If you fancy a touch of gold, all pieces can also be 18CT gold-plated.

Featured in Vogue, Glamour and Elle Magazine, our intricate armour-inspired jewellery makes a real statement.

For instant glamour any time, you can’t go wrong with these Small Filigree Earrings. With a design reminiscent of medieval architecture, these regal-looking earrings will make any girl feel like a princess. They can be worn for both formal and informal occasions, and come with a free silver cleaning cloth.

These Filigree Earrings are now also available in 18CT gold, and will go perfectly with your favourite dress this summer. These are the kind of earrings to treasure for a lifetime. Many of our pieces are perfect for birthdays or Mother’s Day, and are a top choice for brides looking for idiosyncratic jewellery to provide that finishing touch.

Bring some magic to your spring.

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Silver Necklaces For Weddings - 15th February 2016

Now we’re approaching spring, we’re entering the season for weddings- and the time for exposing some cleavage and showing off your best necklaces. Every bride wants to stand out from the crowd on their wedding day, and jewellery plays an important part in making you truly shine.

With Lucy Ashton’s stunning silver necklaces, you’re guaranteed to be the Belle of the Ball and enchant every one of your guests. Our necklaces range from stunning chokers, to ornate Filigree necklaces with various sized pendants.

If you want to look classy, sophisticated and unique, you’ll bedazzle everyone with our Filigree Choker. Made from linked ornate filigree panels, it speaks of exotic Middle Eastern locations, opulent surroundings and promotes an air of luxury and intrigue. Like every piece produced by Lucy Ashton, it is handcrafted and made entirely from silver.

If you want a larger piece, consider our Large Filigree Necklace, which dangles on a beautifully delicate chain. This is the ideal adornment for a simpler dress and will make you look like a true princess.

Our jewellery is both bold and very intricate and ornate. However, it is also lightweight and easy to wear so won’t complicate your hairstyle or outfit. Each design can also be 18CT gold plated and adjusted to a length which suits you.

Explore our silver necklaces here.

Stunning Silver Jewellery For Valentine’s Day - 1st February 2016

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Or want to look your most beautiful for a Valentine’s date?

When it comes to jewellery, silver has become more popular than gold over the years.

If you want to really make a statement this year, and have a predilection for silver, explore our online shop. As featured in Glamour and Vogue magazine, our armour-inspired jewellery reflects both historical armour and contemporary ethnic sources from around the world.

One of the most popular pieces is our full finger armour rings, made of sterling silver. All finger pieces are lightweight and hinged for movement, making them both beautiful and practical.

Each ring also comes in different sizes to suit individual, from size K to Size T, and can also be Gold Plated if desired.

With each and every piece hand-crafted, this is ornate jewellery which you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re a fan of medieval pieces or love Indian bridal jewellery, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this collection. All our contemporary jewellery is made in Britain, by Gloucestershire-based designer Lucy Ashton.

To explore our online shop, click here.

Buy Unique Silver Headwear - 18th January 2016

Got a special occasion in 2016?

Bewitch everyone, by wearing one of Lucy Ashton’s unique silver headwear pieces. Our stunningly intricate headwear is beautiful, idiosyncratic and will give anyone a touch of regal charm.

Inspired by body armour, every piece is handmade using sections of silver, to create bold, show-stopping pieces to finish any outfit. Whether you’re attending a candle-lit evening party, spring wedding or winter soiree, it’s guaranteed to make you stand out. Anyone wearing this jewellery will exude an aura of beauty, mystery and strength.

Our headpieces are reminiscent of medieval princesses and Indian Brides, and take inspiration from both historical and international jewellery. Although bold and resplendent, they are lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. Each headpiece has clips to create different looks with any hairstyle. Whether you have a French Plait or Top Knot, it will turn any look into one that’s truly unique.

Every design can be 18CT Gold Plated and comes beautifully gift wrapped. It’s the ideal gift for any special lady, or to keep for yourself.

This armour inspired collection is made entirely from silver.

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Unique Armour Inspired Jewellery For 2016 - 4th January 2016

Nowadays, it can be hard to find truly unique jewellery, especially on the high street. But with British designer Lucy Ashton, you can buy exactly that: beautiful, handcrafted sterling silver jewellery, which is completely and utterly unique.

Our jewellery has appeared in both Vogue and Glamour magazine, and is the perfect way to create a statement this year.

Lucy’s first collection is called ‘Armour’ and is inspired by ethnic jewellery and body armour, which makes for truly stunning pieces to complete any special outfit. This ornate jewellery is truly original and won’t be found on the high street.

Whether you’re looking to buy silver jewellery for weddings, or have another special event in 2016, our jewellery will endow you with instant glamour.

Ideal for any kind of jewellery lover, these pieces will delight Asian brides, those who love imperial-inspired jewellery, or anybody who likes pieces inspired by different trends from around the world. It’s particularly ideal for brides, who want to add that special finishing touch to their dress. Our collection includes bracelets, rings, headwear, hand jewellery and filigree earrings.

Armour yourself for the year ahead!

To explore our collections, visit our main website.

Stunning Filigree Earrings - 21st December 2015

Filigree jewellery includes ornamental work of fine gold or silver, formed into delicate tracery. It is often suggestive of lace, because of the delicate patterns it has. This type of jewellery has remained popular for centuries, having been around since the time of Ancient Greece.

For armour inspired filigree earrings, explore our range at Lucy Ashton.

With our site, you can buy unique and stunning filigree earrings online, from innovative jewellery designer Lucy Ashton. Produced at her workshop in Gloucestershire, these beautiful pieces make a unique gift for any jewellery-lover.

Whether you’re looking for small earrings or larger filigree pieces, you’ll find them among our range. Perfect for special occasions, they will evoke the admiration of other guests, while making you feel truly beautiful. Made of sterling silver, these delicately feminine earrings can also be 18CT gold plated, if desired.

Our chain earring can also be customised, with the length of the chain altered according to your particular needs. This can be done at no extra cost to you. Each item comes beautifully wrapped, so is ready to be given to a loved-one. Or as a gift to yourself!

To explore our filigree earrings, click here.

Shop For Silver Armour Rings - 7th December 2015

Tired of the same old jewellery on the high street?

If you fancy something different in your Christmas stocking, consider our Armour inspired rings, necklaces and headgear.

Lucy Ashton creates the most beautiful and unique pieces imaginable. This Cheltenham-born designer works by linking handmade sections of silver to create bold, intricate jewellery. As a self-taught designer and crafter, she works at her studio in Gloucestershire and pieces are then sold on the online shop, anywhere in the UK and beyond.

With our rings you can get a true taste of Medieval armour on your fingers, giving you a beautiful, regal and unique appearance that’s guaranteed to attract attention. Whether you want to cover the whole finger, or decorate your hand with our filigree chain hand harness, you’ll find them all on our website.

Wear our beautiful rings, and you’re guaranteed to be the centre of attention at any New Year’s Eve party. Despite being so striking, they are also lightweight and easy to wear.

Our full-finger ring is one of the most striking pieces, and is made up of three layers, all layered underneath one another to form a solid but moveable piece. This stunning piece was even featured in the December issue of VOGUE.

For more about this product click here.

Truly Special Silver Jewellery For Christmas - 23rd November 2015

Looking for a shop which specialises in gorgeously unique jewellery?

If you’re searching online, Lucy Ashton are keen to help this Christmas.

Our jewellery will delight any special lady who loves idiosyncratic pieces, and are guaranteed to make her look stunningly beautiful in 2016.

This silver jewellery is inspired by body armour and also by techniques, fashion trends and traditions from all around the world, including ornate Asian jewellery which softens the collection. Each piece is made using hand-made filigree silver, which is layered and linked to form pieces that look both bold and beautiful.

From pendulous earrings to stunning head pieces, our silver jewellery will reflect both the delicacy and strength of a woman. They can be worn to any special event, whether it’s a wedding or Christmas party, and will ensure that she stands out.

We have 20% off everything for Black Friday. Get in quick for some amazing bargains!

If ordering for Christmas, Lucy Ashton must take all orders before 20th December. We deliver all over the world, including Europe, the USA and beyond.

Browse our collections today and be inspired this Christmas.

Special Silver Jewellery For Christmas Gifts - 9th November 2015

Finding a unique gift this Christmas might seem difficult. If you’re looking for jewellery in particular, you might feel inundated with choice, but not necessary tempted by the range on the high street.

Like perfume, jewellery can be a highly personal gift, and one which can be cherished for a lifetime. It certainly pays to find those pieces which are truly special. Many people look online now for unique jewellery, as it offers the widest possible choice.

At Lucy Ashton we want to make shopping online as pleasurable and straightforward as possible.

If you’re shopping online this Christmas, we offer some of the most unique and stunning jewellery imaginable.

Impress your girlfriend, wife, daughter or friend with our dazzling silver pieces, and you’re guaranteed to make their face light up. From filigree head pieces to regal looking earrings, even the most discerning tastes will be met.

They provide a stunning way to appear truly beautiful this winter, without having to search the high street shops for hours. All our unique jewellery is designed by Cheltenham based designer, Lucy Ashton, who created her first brand from her studio in Gloucester.

View our range by clicking here.

Shop Silver Wedding Jewellery - 26th October 2015

With its cool and reflective qualities, silver jewellery tends to suit winter weddings more than gold. Reflecting the frost and ice of the season, it also encapsulates the glitter and glamour of Christmas, with all its decorative stars and baubles.

Are you shopping for silver wedding jewellery? For truly beautiful and unique pieces explore our range at Lucy Ashton.

Whether you’re looking for small pendants or a dazzling headpiece, you’ll find jewellery to complement both simple and elaborate gowns.

All our jewellery is completely distinctive and eye-catching, from elaborate rings to filigree earrings and chain hand harnesses. Even from faraway, these pieces make a definite statement which simply screams sophistication and class. Light-weight along with high quality, they are easy to wear along with looking intricately beautiful.

If you want to make a big statement, our large filigree necklace is perfect for gowns with a plunging neckline. Crafted from sterling silver and finished to the highest standards, it comes fully gift-wrapped, and could therefore be the perfect present.

Frost yourself with our jewellery and enchant all your wedding guests.

Explore our online shop here.

Shop Silver Wedding Bracelets Online - 28th September 2015

The jewellery you choose on your wedding day is important. Whether a ring or bracelet, it will remind you of that special day every time you look at it.

Silver jewellery is particularly ideal for this time of year. It reflects the silvery quality of autumn mists, frost and Christmas decorations. It also sets off white satin better than gold. If you’re shopping online, Lucy Ashton provide some stunning silver hand jewellery.

Our wedding bracelets provide a unique decoration for your special day. When you wear these Filigree Hand Harnesses, you’ll feel nothing short of a Queen. Hinged to fit like a glove, these bracelets are intricate and delicate. Made from light-weight sterling silver, they aren’t cumbersome to wear, despite their elaborate appearance.

Handcrafted by experts, each design decorates the length of your hand. If your dress is relatively simple, it’s a great way to add a beautiful twist.

All rings attached are adjustable and made-to-order. Each item comes beautifully gift-wrapped, so makes a perfect gift, for you or a loved one. It’s a great way to make a statement this season.

Explore our online shop today.

Buy Silver Jewellery For Weddings - 14th September 2015

Although summer is a great time for weddings, autumn provides a duskier and more alluring atmosphere. With the darker evenings, after-parties are cosier and more intimate. The colour of the leaves also provides a striking backdrop for pictures.

If you’re a blushing bride, it’s likely you have that special dress already. But if you still need to buy jewellery, Lucy Ashton are the ideal place for stunning silver pieces.

Since silver complements white dresses better than gold, it’s the ideal finishing touch any time of year. Our exquisite collection include rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, of which any will complement both modern and traditional dresses. If you buy with Lucy Ashton, the only downside is your jewellery may be noticed more than the dress.

Among our silvery range are stunning filigree earrings, which will furnish any hairstyle. Our collection also includes head crowns to make any bride look regal.

All of our contemporary jewellery is made in Britain.

Explore our tantalising range today.

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